It will help us identify the challenges and opportunities for you and your parent or loved one. Sending it to WellStory will speed up the process and allow us to work with you to provide the right care when you need it.

Lack of attention to grooming and hygiene
An inability to keep up with the cleaning of their home
Sleeping more or less then usual
Food in the pantry not being eaten or replaced
Loss of weight
Decline in regular contact with friends
No longer participating in hobbies and activities they or you normally enjoy
Lack of awareness of current events or forgotten names
Difficulty remembering to take medications
Unable to keep doctors and dental appointments

We often delay seeking support for a senior parent until well after the need is real or until there is a crisis or health issue that needs immediate attention.

WellStory knows how important timely home care can be for the peace of mind and wellbeing of you and your loved ones.  

This simple assessment will help you to identify the appropriate support services for you and your parent or loved one.

We also understand the significance of the mind body link. From birth to the golden years human connection, a sense of community and feeling heard are hallmarks of a healthy mind, body and spirit.  Our purpose at Wellstory is to honour that very basic need by providing friendship to your parent through companionship, kindness and time.