WellStory works with you and your parent or loved one to create a daily or weekly plan best suited to…

  • their likes, dislikes, strengths, abilities and interests
  • how they wish to structure their day
  • what times of day do they require attention
  • their meals, bathing and dressing
  • their regular times for waking up and going to bed

Other Daily Activities to Consider

  • Taking care of household chores
  • Mealtime preparation and companionship 
  • Personal care (grooming)
  • Creative activities (music, art, crafts)
  • Intellectual stimulation (reading, puzzles)
  • Light physical exercise 
  • Spiritual observance 


  • Wash, brush teeth, get dressed
  • Prepare and eat breakfast
  • Have coffee, make conversation
  • Discuss the newspaper, try a craft project, reminisce about old photos
  • Take a break, have some quiet time
  • Do some chores together
  • Take a walk, play an active game


  • Prepare and eat lunch, read mail, wash dishes
  • Listen to music, do crossword puzzles, watch TV
  • Do some gardening, take a walk, visit a friend
  • Take a short break or nap


  • Prepare and eat dinner, clean up the kitchen
  • Reminisce over coffee and dessert
  • Play cards, watch a movie, give a massage
  • Take a bath, get ready for bed, read a book